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Brown Rice / Hand Pounded Rice

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KAIKUTHAL RICE | HAND POUNDED RICE | Brown rice is whole-grain rice with the inedible outer hull removed.

Jeera Rice

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Seeraga samba is an aromatic rice variety of India.

Karunguruvai Rice

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Karun Kuruvai looks red in colour but belongs to black rice variety. Karunguruvai rice has many medicinal properties and it cures many diseases. Karun Kuruvai is well known to treat Elephantiasis arthritis and chickenpox. It is also called as Indian "Vyagra". Karun Kuruvai boosts immune system and strengthens nervous system. Karunguruvai can be used and consumed everyday like normal rice.

Karuppu Kavuni Rice / Black Rice

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Black Glutinous Rice | Karuppu Kavuni Arisi | Naturaly Grown

Kattuyanam Rice

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As its name suggests , Kattuyanam rice improves bone-density and strengthens our bones as equivalent to the strength of Elephant legs. Kattuyanam rice can is the enemy of diabetics. It improves immune system and heart health. Kattuyanam rice can be made easily as idly , dosa , porridge and can improve our health by relishing this organic rice variety.

Kichili Samba Rice

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Kichili samba boiled rice is one of many different samba (or rabi season) rice varieties grown in Tamil Nadu and has survived for centuries.

Kudavazhai Rice

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Kudavazhai rice belongs to red rice variety. It is one of the tradition rice varieties of Tamilnadu. Kudavazhai is loaded with vitamins and rich minerals that strengthens muscles, keeps diabetics in control, boosts the immune system. The rich fiber present in Kudavazhai rice improves digestion, cures constipation and cleans the toxic present in intestine.

Kullakar Rice

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Kullakar Rice  is one the red rice varieties from Tamilnadu. Kullarkar rice boosts immune system, strengthens body and nerves. Kullakar rice can be used regularly by diabetic patients. Recipes made of Kullakar rice will help in weight reduction.

Kuzhiyadichan Rice

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This variety finds mention in several ancient medical texts. It is also called “Kulikulichan”.  It is ideal for lactating mothers, since it increases lactation.

Mappilai Samba Rice

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Indigenous to Tamil Nadu, this traditional rice is rich in minerals, vitamins and proteins that it is served to a bridegroom to prove his valiance. It strengthens body and boosts immune system and keeps us away from many health problems/disorders.

Mysore Malli Rice

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Mysore Malli rice is said to have developed by the farmers of Karnataka so that it would be suitable for their Royals. Buy Mysore Malli Rice online from Cholaa and also explore our online store for other varieties of rice including Kichli Samba, Mapillai Samba, Kuzhiyadichan Rice and much more.

Navra Rice

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Navara rice is well known for its medicinal properties. Black glumed Navara rice can be used as a weaning food for babies. Navara rice cures many respiratory illness. Navara rice is suitable for all age groups. Gruel/Porridge made of Navara Rice and cow's milk improves lactation. Black glumed Navara rice is rich in iron so it is a best rice for anemic patients.  Navara rice is considered to boost immune system and safe for diabetic patients.

Poongar Rice

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  • Poongar rice is one of the traditional rice, it is slightly pink in color
  • Rice by pregnant women, leads to normal vaginal delivery.
  • Those who love boiled rice can also try poongar traditional boiled rice

Red Rice

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  • The color red is due to the presence of Anthocyanin in it. Hence red rice has enormous anti-oxidants in it.
  • It is a gift of diabetes patients, cures anemia, prevents asthma, skin ageing, cures for bone related problems, obesity, controls bad cholesterol, heart attack and many other health benefits.
  • It can be used to make Khichadi and other rice preparations

Salem Sanna Rice

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This rice is produced specially to make a dish named sanna which is quite famous in goa and mangalore. Sanna is a spongy steamed savoury rice cakes without which, mangalorean cuisine is incomplete. Also it is used for making sweet Pongal (a South Indian delicacy).

Thooyamalli Rice

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Thooyamalli Rice is well known for its unique fragrance. Thooyamalli Rice improves digestion, its anti-ageing properties helps us look young and energetic. This rice suits for all age groups, prevents and cures diabetics. Thooyamalli Rice can be used to make many recipes , just like normal Ponni rice.